module ietf-netconf-partial-lock { namespace urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:netconf:partial-lock:1.0; prefix pl; organization "IETF Network Configuration (netconf) Working Group"; contact "Netconf Working Group Mailing list: Web: Balazs Lengyel Ericsson"; description "This YANG module defines the and operations."; revision 2009-10-19 { description "Initial version, published as RFC 5717."; } typedef lock-id-type { type uint32; description "A number identifying a specific partial-lock granted to a session. It is allocated by the system, and SHOULD be used in the partial-unlock operation."; } rpc partial-lock { description "A NETCONF operation that locks parts of the running datastore."; input { leaf-list select { type string; min-elements 1; description "XPath expression that specifies the scope of the lock. An Instance Identifier expression MUST be used unless the :xpath capability is supported, in which case any XPath 1.0 expression is allowed."; } } output { leaf lock-id { type lock-id-type; description "Identifies the lock, if granted. The lock-id SHOULD be used in the partial-unlock rpc."; } leaf-list locked-node { type instance-identifier; min-elements 1; description "List of locked nodes in the running datastore"; } } } rpc partial-unlock { description "A NETCONF operation that releases a previously acquired partial-lock."; input { leaf lock-id { type lock-id-type; description "Identifies the lock to be released. MUST be the value received in the response to a partial-lock operation."; } } } }