module ietf-library-tags { // namespace namespace "urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:yang:ietf-library-tags"; prefix ylibtags; import ietf-yang-library { prefix yanglib; } import ietf-module-tags { prefix mtags; } // meta organization "IETF NetMod Working Group (NetMod)"; contact "NetMod Working Group - "; description "This module augments ietf-yang-library with searchable classfication tags. Tags may be IANA or privately defined types."; revision "2017-08-12" { description "Initial revision."; reference "RFC TBD"; } augment "/yanglib:modules-state/yanglib:module" { description "The yang library structure is augmented with a module tags list. This allows operators to tag modules regardless of whether the modules included tag support or not"; uses mtags:module-tags; } }