module ietf-if-ext-ppp { namespace "urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:yang:ietf-if-ext-ppp"; prefix "ppp"; import ietf-interfaces { prefix if; } import iana-crypt-hash { prefix ianach; } organization "IETF NETMOD (NETCONF Data Modeling Language) Working Group"; contact "Editor: Hansance Han Editor: Xianghua Gu Editor: Hua Lv Editor: James Zhang "; description "This module contains a collection of YANG definitions for managing ppp network interfaces."; revision 2016-11-24 { description "Latest revision."; reference "RFC 7223: A YANG Data Model for Interface Management"; } feature ppp-authentication { description "Indicates that the interface supports configuration of ppp authentication."; } augment "/if:interfaces/if:interface" { when "if:type = 'ppp'"; description "PPP link protocol is extension under interface."; container ppp { description "A ppp interface must specify the global parameters."; leaf enabled { type boolean; default "true"; description "This leaf contains the configured, desired state of the ppp link-protocol."; } container authentication { if-feature ppp-authentication; presence ""; description "The authentication configuration subtree."; choice authentication-mode { mandatory true; description "The authentication sub-mode pap and chap."; case pap { leaf pap { type empty; description "Authentication pap for PPP."; } } case chap { leaf chap { type empty; description "Authentication pap for PPP."; } } } leaf user { type string; description "the user name string identifying ppp"; } container password { presence ""; description "The password configuraiton sub-tree."; choice chap-mode { mandatory true; description "The chap mode configuration for cipher and simple."; case cipher { leaf cipher { type ianach:crypt-hash; description "The password for cipher type."; } } case simple { leaf simple { type ianach:crypt-hash; description "The password for simple type."; } } } } } // other ppp specific params... } } }