module ietf-i2nsf-regs-interface { namespace "urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:yang:ietf-i2nsf-regs-interface"; prefix regs-interface; import ietf-inet-types{ prefix inet; } organization "IETF I2NSF (Interface to Network Security Functions) Working Group"; contact "WG Web: WG List: WG Chair: Adrian Farrel WG Chair: Linda Dunbar Editor: Sangwon Hyun Editor: Taekyun Roh Editor: Sarang Wi Editor: Jaehoon Paul Jeong Editor: Jung-Soo Park "; description "It defines a YANG data module for Registration Interface."; revision "2017-10-27"{ description "The second revision"; reference "draft-hares-i2nsf-capability-data-model-03 draft-hyun-i2nsf-registration-interface-im-03.txt"; } grouping i2nsf-nsf-performance-caps { description "NSF performance capailities"; container processing{ description "processing info"; leaf processing-average{ type uint16; description "processing-average"; } leaf processing-peak{ type uint16; description "processing peak"; } } container bandwidth{ description "bandwidth info"; container inbound{ description "inbound"; leaf inbound-average{ type uint16; description "inbound-average"; } leaf inbound-peak{ type uint16; description "inbound-peak"; } } container outbound{ description "outbound"; leaf outbound-average{ type uint16; description "outbound-average"; } leaf outbound-peak{ type uint16; description "outbound-peak"; } } } } grouping i2nsf-nsf-profile { description "Detail information of an NSF"; container performance-capability { uses i2nsf-nsf-performance-caps; description "performance-capability"; } container i2nsf-capability { description "It refers draft-hares-i2nsf-capability-data-model-04.txt later"; } } grouping i2nsf-nsf-access-info { description "NSF access information"; leaf nsf-address { type inet:ipv4-address; mandatory true; description "nsf-address"; } leaf nsf-port-address { type inet:port-number; description "nsf-port-address"; } } grouping i2nsf-regs-req { description "The capability information of newly created NSF to notify its capability to Security Controller"; container nsf-profile { description "nsf-profile"; uses i2nsf-nsf-profile; } container nsf-access-info { description "nsf-access-info"; uses i2nsf-nsf-access-info; } } grouping i2nsf-instance-mgnt-req { description "Required information for instanceiation-request and deinstanciation-request"; leaf req-level { type uint16; description "req-level"; } leaf req-id { type uint64; mandatory true; description "req-id"; } choice req-type { description "req-type"; case instanciation-request { description "instanciation-request"; container nsf-profile { description "nsf-profile"; uses i2nsf-nsf-profile; } } case deinstanciation-request { description "deinstanciation-request"; container nsf-access-info { description "nsf-access-info"; uses i2nsf-nsf-access-info; } } } } }