module ietf-dslite-b4 { yang-version 1.1; namespace "urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:yang:ietf-dslite-b4"; prefix dslite-b4; import ietf-inet-types { prefix inet; } import ietf-interfaces { prefix if; } import iana-if-type { prefix ianaift; } organization "Softwire Working Group"; contact "Mohamed Boucadair Christian Jacquenet Senthil Sivakumar "; description "This module is a YANG module for DS-Lite B4 implementations. Copyright (c) 2017 IETF Trust and the persons identified as authors of the code. All rights reserved. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, is permitted pursuant to, and subject to the license terms contained in, the Simplified BSD License set forth in Section 4.c of the IETF Trust's Legal Provisions Relating to IETF Documents ( This version of this YANG module is part of RFC XXXX; see the RFC itself for full legal notices."; revision 2017-10-09 { description "Early yangdoctors review."; reference "-ietf-07"; } revision 2017-08-10 { description "Augment the interfaces YANG module."; reference "-ietf-05"; } revision 2017-07-27 { description "Separate B4 from AFTR."; reference "-ietf-04"; } // Augment Interface module with DS-Lite Softwire augment "/if:interfaces/if:interface" { when "if:type = 'ianaift:tunnel'"; description "Augments Interface module with B4 parameters. IANA interface types are maintained at this registry: tunnel (131), -- Encapsulation interface"; leaf b4-ipv6-address { type inet:ipv6-address; description "The IPv6 address used by the B4 element."; reference "RFC 6333."; } leaf aftr-ipv6-addr { type inet:ipv6-address; description "The AFTR's IPv6 address."; reference "RFC 6333."; } leaf b4-ipv4-address { type inet:ipv4-address; default ""; description "IPv4 address of the DS-Lite B4. is reserved for the B4 element. This address can be used to report ICMP problems and will appear in traceroute outputs."; reference "RFC 6333."; } leaf tunnel-mtu { type uint16; description "Configures a tunnel MTU. [RFC6908] specifies that since fragmentation and reassembly is not optimal, the operator should do everything possible to eliminate the need for it. If the operator uses simple IPv4-in-IPv6 softwire, it is recommended that the MTU size of the IPv6 network between the B4 and the AFTR accounts for the additional overhead (40 bytes)."; reference "RFC 6908."; } leaf v6-v4-dscp-preservation { type boolean; description "Copies the DSCP value from the IPv6 header and vice versa. Operators should use this model by provisioning the network such that the AFTR copies the DSCP value in the IPv4 header to the Traffic Class field in the IPv6 header, after the encapsulation for the downstream traffic."; reference "Section 2.10 of RFC 6908."; } } }