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  module ietf-interfaces-ethernet-like {

    yang-version 1.1;


    prefix ethlike;

    import ietf-interfaces {
      prefix if;
    import ietf-yang-types {
      prefix yang;
    import iana-if-type {
      prefix ianaift;

      "IETF NETMOD (NETCONF Data Modeling Language) Working Group";

      "WG Web:   <>
     WG List:  <>

     WG Chair: Lou Berger

     WG Chair: Kent Watsen

     Editor:   Robert Wilton

      "This module contains YANG definitions for configuration for
     'Ethernet-like' interfaces.  It is applicable to all interface
     types that use Ethernet framing and expose an Ethernet MAC
     layer, and includes such interfaces as physical Ethernet
     interfaces, Ethernet LAG interfaces and VLAN sub-interfaces.

     Copyright (c) 2016 IETF Trust and the persons identified as
     authors of the code.  All rights reserved.

     Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or
     without modification, is permitted pursuant to, and subject
     to the license terms contained in, the Simplified BSD License
     set forth in Section 4.c of the IETF Trust's Legal Provisions
     Relating to IETF Documents

     This version of this YANG module is part of XXX; see the RFC
     itself for full legal notices.";

    revision "2017-07-03" {
        "Updated to conform to NMDA architecture";
        "Internet draft: draft-ietf-netmod-intf-ext-yang-05";


    augment /if:interfaces/if:interface {
        "derived-from-or-self(if:type, 'ianaift:ethernetCsmacd') or
          derived-from-or-self(if:type, 'ianaift:ieee8023adLag') or
          derived-from-or-self(if:type, 'ianaift:l2vlan') or
          derived-from-or-self(if:type, 'ianaift:ifPwType')" {
          "Applies to all Ethernet-like interfaces";
        "Augment the interface model with parameters for all
       Ethernet-like interfaces";
      container ethernet-like {
          "Contains parameters for interfaces that use Ethernet framing
         and expose an Ethernet MAC layer.";
        leaf mac-address {
          type yang:mac-address;
            "The MAC address of the interface.";

        leaf bia-mac-address {
          type yang:mac-address;
          config false;
            "The 'burnt-in' MAC address.  I.e the default MAC address
           assigned to the interface if no MAC address has been
           explicitly configured on it.";

        container statistics {
          config false;
            "Packet statistics that apply to all Ethernet-like
          leaf in-drop-unknown-dest-mac-pkts {
            type yang:counter64;
            units "frames";
              "A count of the number of frames that were well formed,
             but otherwise dropped because the destination MAC
             address did not pass any ingress destination MAC address

             For consistency, frames counted against this drop
             counters are also counted against the IETF interfaces
             statistics.  In particular, they are included in
             in-octets and in-discards, but are not included in
             in-unicast-pkts, in-multicast-pkts or in-broadcast-pkts,
             because they are not delivered to a higher layer.

             Discontinuities in the values of this counters in this
             container can occur at re-initialization of the
             management system, and at other times as indicated by
             the value of the 'discontinuity-time' leaf defined in
             the ietf-interfaces YANG module (RFC 7223).";
        }  // container statistics
      }  // container ethernet-like
  }  // module ietf-interfaces-ethernet-like