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  module ietf-constrained-yang-library {

    yang-version 1;


    prefix lib;

      "IETF CORE (Constrained RESTful Environments) Working Group";

      "WG Web:   <>

     WG List:  <>

     WG Chair: Carsten Bormann

     WG Chair: Jaime Jimenez

     Editor:   Michel Veillette

      "This module contains the list of YANG modules and submodules
    implemented by a server.

     Copyright (c) 2016 IETF Trust and the persons identified as
     authors of the code.  All rights reserved.

     Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or
     without modification, is permitted pursuant to, and subject
     to the license terms contained in, the Simplified BSD License
     set forth in Section 4.c of the IETF Trust's Legal Provisions
     Relating to IETF Documents

     This version of this YANG module is part of RFC XXXX; see
     the RFC itself for full legal notices.";

    revision "2017-01-20" {
      description "Initial revision.";
        "RFC XXXX: Constrained YANG Module Library.";


    typedef revision {
      type binary {
        length "4";
        "Revision date encoded as a binary string as follow:
      - First byte = Year divided by 100
      - Second byte = Year modulo 100 (0 to 99)
      - Third byte = Month (1 = January to 12 = december)
      - Forth byte = Day (1 to 31)";

    typedef sid {
      type uint64;
        "Identifier assigned to different YANG items such as
      data nodes, RPCs and actions, notifications, modules,
      sub-modules, features and deviations.";

    grouping identification-info {
        "YANG modules and submodules identification information.";
      leaf sid {
        type sid;
        mandatory true;
          "SID assigned to this module or submodule.";

      leaf revision {
        type revision;
          "Revision date assigned to this module or submodule.
        A zero-length binary string is used if no revision statement
        is present in the YANG module or submodule.";
    }  // grouping identification-info

    identity module-set {
        "Base identity from which shared module-set identifiers
        are derived.";

    container modules-state {
      config false;
        "Contains information about the different data models
      implemented by the server.";
      leaf module-set-id {
        type union {
          type uint32;
          type identityref {
            base lib:module-set;
        mandatory true;
          "Identifier representing the current set of modules
        and submodules listed in the 'module' list. This
        identifier is server-specific when implemented as
        unit32 or shared between multiple servers when
        implemented as identityref. The server MUST change
        the value of this leaf each time the content of the
        'module' list instance change.";

      list module {
        key "sid revision";
          "Each entry represents one revision of one module
         currently supported by the server.";
        uses identification-info;

        leaf-list feature {
          type sid;
            "List of YANG features from this module that are
          supported by the server, regardless whether
          they are defined in the module or in any included

        list deviation {
          key "sid revision";
            "List of YANG deviation modules used by this server
          to modify the conformance of the module associated
          with this entry.  Note that the same module can be
          used for deviations for multiple modules, so the
          same entry MAY appear within multiple 'module' entries.

          The deviation module MUST be present in the 'module'
          list, with the same sid and revision values.
          The 'conformance-type' value will be 'implement' for
          the deviation module.";
          uses identification-info;
        }  // list deviation

        leaf conformance-type {
          type enumeration {
            enum "implement" {
              value 0;
                "Indicates that the server implements one or more
              protocol-accessible objects defined in the YANG
              module identified in this entry.  This includes
              deviation statements defined in the module.

              For YANG version 1.1 modules, there is at most one
              module entry with conformance type 'implement' for a
              particular module, since YANG 1.1 requires that
              at most one revision of a module is implemented.

              For YANG version 1 modules, there SHOULD NOT be more
              than one module entry for a particular module.";
            enum "import" {
              value 1;
                "Indicates that the server imports reusable definitions
              from the specified revision of the module, but does
              not implement any protocol accessible objects from
              this revision.

              Multiple module entries for the same module MAY
              exist. This can occur if multiple modules import the
              same module, but specify different revision-dates in
              the import statements.";
          mandatory true;
            "Indicates the type of conformance the server is claiming
          for the YANG module identified by this entry.";

        list submodule {
          key "sid revision";
            "Each entry represents one submodule within the
           parent module.";
          uses identification-info;
        }  // list submodule
      }  // list module
    }  // container modules-state

    notification yang-library-change {
        "Generated when the set of modules and submodules supported
      by the server has changed.";
      leaf module-set-id {
        type leafref {
          path "/lib:modules-state/lib:module-set-id";
        mandatory true;
          "Contains the module-set-id value representing the
        set of modules and submodules supported by the server
        at the time the notification is generated.";
    }  // notification yang-library-change
  }  // module ietf-constrained-yang-library