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  module openconfig-probes {

    yang-version 1;


    prefix oc-probes;

    import ietf-yang-types {
      prefix yang;
    import openconfig-types {
      prefix oc-types;
    import openconfig-extensions {
      prefix oc-ext;
    import openconfig-inet-types {
      prefix oc-inet;
    import openconfig-probes-types {
      prefix oc-probes-types;

    organization "OpenConfig working group";

      "OpenConfig working group";

      "This module defines configuration and operational state data
    for the probes.
    A probe consists on a group of tests, each test being a
    source-destination pair to poll. The destination can be either
    IP Address (and eventually port) or URL, depending on the
    nature of the test. The test can send ICMP, UDP, TCP, or HTTP
    Each test groups a list of test items, the test results
    being an overall view or average of the items list.
    However, the test preserves only a limited set of history
    items, whose length can be controlled using the history-size.";

    revision "2017-09-05" {
      description "Initial public revision";


    oc-ext:openconfig-version "0.0.1";
  }  // module openconfig-probes